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A Seven Day Fjord Adventure

About Fjord Adventure

This driving voyage through Norway’s western fjords takes you through a portion of the World’s, not to mention Europe’s, most staggering landscape. While a significant number of the best perspectives will require deserting the auto to hit the water or set out on a climb, the driving in this piece of the nation is no less stupendous. From your beginning stage of Ålesund, more than seven days you will crisscross southwards towards Voss, encountering the absolute best of Norway’s fjords with stops at different goals.

Day 1| Alesund: Top of the Fjord Country

Scattered more than three islands and encompassed by sky blue waters, Ålesund is the flight point for your fjord experience. Before leaving the town, make sure to investigate the great, Art Nouveau style design, and additionally Ålesund’s Sunnmøre Museum, which is the nearest you’ll get the opportunity to time travel amid your visit to Norway.

Day 2 | Andalsnes and Romsdalsfjord

After a great Norwegian breakfast, leave Alesund on your second day and travel east to Andalsnes. The drive will take you back inland, and should keep going for close to two hours. Subsequent to dealing with your convenience for the night, hope to take up one of the trips famous in the zone. Your choices will rely upon which season you are voyaging, however a climb through the Romsdal Alps is constantly open to brave explorers. On the off chance that rather you favor something somewhat more unwinding, consider a serene journey on the Romsdalsfjord. Or on the other hand ruin yourself and do both!

Day 3 | The Trollstigvein to Geirangerfjord

On the morning of the third day, withdraw from Andalsnes and travel south on what is a standout amongst the most pleasant streets in Norway. The feature is without a doubt the Trollstigvein, an accumulation of sharp clasp turns that breeze along the mountainsides of Rauma. A three hour drive south along Route 63 will see you achieve the fjord of Geiranger. When you arrive, investigate the town and its unbelievable setting before taking a journey on the fjord and wondering about its numerous waterfalls, which incorporate the world acclaimed Seven Sisters.

Day 4 | Geiranger to Stryn, Loen and Olden

Day four starts with a magnificent ship ride over the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt. This is a standout amongst the most looked for after encounters in Norwegian tourism, so make sure to take advantage of your hour or so on the water. When you achieve Hellesylt, travel south along Route 60 to Stryn, Loen or Olden where you can remain for the night. A base around there enables you to investigate another of Norway’s regular ponders, Europe’s biggest icy mass in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Try not to be excessively rushed however, as qualified visit guides are required when taking to the ice.

Day 5 | Fjaerland

A short drive on your fifth day will take you to Fjaerland, where you can spend the evening investigating the Boyaoyri Estuary, a secured nature hold only north of the town. In the event that you have some additional time staring you in the face then for what reason not have a walk around the Norwegian Glacier Museum?

Day 6 | Balestrand and the Sognefjord

Your penultimate day sees you desert Fjaerland with a stumble on the ship to the region of Balestrand. The watercraft takes around 45 minutes, and will take you nearer and nearer to one of the world’s most striking common sights, Sognefjord. Norway’s most profound fjord extends for an interminable 205km, and a grand journey will effortlessly fill an evening.

Day 7 | Voss: Summer Fun in a Winter Playground

The most recent day includes a short drive of just 90 kilometers before you achieve your last goal of Voss. The trek should incorporate a short auto ship from Vanganes to Balestrand, as a major aspect of the ‘street’ is somewhat submerged.

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